Kai Ming Yang

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Kai Ming Yang is a designer that values the contrast between materials, forms and cultures, who holds a Master's degree in design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a bachelor's degree in industrial design from Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan. 


Light coming out from each square hole overlaps with the one coming out from the weaving gaps; forms new brightness and darkness.

Woven Lamp—2017

The project is to explore the possible ways of light interacting with metal. Normally when we think of light, we talk about light and shadow; and often forgot the other two properties-- brightness and darkness.

During the designing process, we were trying to make the best use of steel's characteristics to perform all four properties of light. We adopted the technique of traditional East Asian bamboo basket weaving and created a 'woven lamp' with hot rolled steel.

CO-DESIGN with Muting Wang.