Furniture objects

The bamboo industry plays an important role as the Taiwanese people overcame the difficulties in the early Taiwan. The country had earned a large amount of foreign reserves by bamboo products at the time of economy booming(so called the Taiwan Miracle).
The bamboo products, though, had been forgotten gradually as the indutrial structure changed, the special characteristic and nature in bamboos are irreplaceable.

The design of “Interact” is based on the traditional Chinese wine pitcher, Jue, of the late Shang Dynasty. Jue was originally used in honoring the courtiers, and then it evolved into an implement used on dinner party occasions.The conceptual background of “Interact” is to create a cozy and comfortable place - it is the chair where people sit on while having a nice and joyful conversation. From the wine pitcher utensil to the furniture of sitting while having a bottle of wine, they both send the same aroma as the time went by.

The structure is constructed of a circular shape in order to handle the weights from every angle and thus achieve a balanced force. With a triangular form as a strong support of the structure.

We use the traditional technique of bamboo weaving to show the modern sense of flow lines and multi-layer effect in the exterior design.To express the plasticity and tenacity, Compares to iron stick, which performs heaviness, bamboo stick shows more litheness.

Craftsman:Xing Ze, Liu
Chin Tuan, Chiu