Do we need another chair in the world? "We do need another chair in the world."
Inspired by the Lecture that Virgil Abloh addressed in Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 2017, this topic came up during the speech which is a good starting point to think of as a designer.
"We do need another chair in the world."
Because we need another chair, another furniture, even another object to represent the time we are living in today.
In terms, contemporary.
What is contemporary?
By researching Memphis and figurative contemporary design, contemporary to
me is based on history, and the projection of the future.
After all, Everything is not original, at the same time, everything is original.

"Extrude" is a series of chairs made from 16G metal sheets. After the Industrial Revolution, metal became the most well-used material for daily objects. Since then, people, nowadays, still rely on it. Before new materials emerge, metal will still be mainstream and represents our moment in time.

"Extrude" applies the concept of figuration in contemporary design. By converting flat 2D graphics into 3D, "Extrude" shows a different perspective of contemporary design and material property.

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